About Us

Imperfect Penelopy is a company that specializes in creating fun, practical, high quality, very absorbent, design and trend driven burp cloths for all mommies and daddies.

My name is Kiley Mathis and I am the President of Imperfect Penelopy.

The idea of Imperfect Penelopy started when I was looking for the last thing I needed before my little guy’s arrival, which was burp cloths. I needed to find something that would absorb quickly, not soak through to my shirt, bigger than a 10x10 square, and would dry quickly so I could keep using it in my diaper bag all day. As a fashionable mom, I also wanted something more cute and trendy than a dishrag or white cloth diaper.

Since I couldn’t find anything like what I was looking for; I took it upon myself (insert crazy face) to create exactly what I was looking for. Through a testing process, looking for absorbency, quick to dry, and softness; I found the perfect fabric.

Our burp cloths and bibs are made of heavyweight, double sided, microfiber terry cloth; designed to be soft, super absorbent and fast drying. Microfiber terry absorbs by quickly trapping moisture between its fibers making it well suited for the best burp cloths and bibs.

Why Imperfect Penelopy?

I have just been in love with the name Penelopy. When I think of the name Penelopy, I imagine this crazy cute little girl and thought it would be the perfect name for my little company. I also wanted to use the word imperfect because of the stigma that we as moms have about having to be perfect. House clean, makeup on, kids clean, hair done, PTA, always on time, soccer practice, t-ball, dance lesson, piano lesson….okay you get it. Its okay to not be perfect, and I want moms all around the world to know that we at Imperfect Penelopy get it! It’s perfectly okay to be imperfect.